Player Remote

Remote control from the mobile phone to open your own computer videos, music, pictures, and PPT and other multimedia files, you can also control the computer from the phone play fast forward, rewind, switch audio and video files.

Support remote audio and video player program: PotPlayer, KMPlayer, STORM, Baidu video, QQ video, shooter video, PowerDVD, WinDVD, Windows Media Player;  Support remote picture viewer: Google Picasa, Windows Photo Viewer;


1. PC  remote software download:!146




2. Mobile phone client App for android download:




1. On the computer, PC remote control software needs to be installed and run;

2. On your phone, remote mobile client App needs to be installed and run;

3. Make sure your computer and phone are connected to a WiFi network;

4. PC remote control software has been built PotPlayer player as default player. For other types of use, and remote video player, your own on the computer that you have installed the appropriate player program.

How do I need to switch the remote player on computer?

A: For example, I need to remote "KMPlayer", on your computer, then in the "Settings" -> "Media Player Settings" -> "You are using player program", select "KMPlayer" can.

Note: Make sure your computer has been installed KMPlayer program.

PotPlayer Remote video demonstrate.


[Install and Run]

1.Download and install it on a computer with Windows program 'Remote Control Server' - (Server) ; Player_Remote_Setup.exe

2.Download and install on your Android device 'Remote Control Client' (Client) - this application (tvpc.apk).

3.After installation is complete, Start on PC the Server(The default installation path is: c:\tvpcremote).

4.Open the phone's remote control program, enter the computer's IP address.

5.Click on the "Search" button, the phone automatically find your computer, you can remote control a computer.


[Technical support]

The use of any questions please send an email to:


[Software Version]

Version: 1.3

Update Time: 2013-10-06

Computer Operating Environment: All Windows operating systems

Mobile Operating Environment: Android


[Common Problems]

Phone and a remote control program on the computer can not connect?

Answer: 1.Make sure your phone and computer are connected to a WiFi network, the phone enter the correct IP address of the computer.

2 Make sure your computer's firewall is not blocking the Remote Control Server program network communication. (Computer programs first run, Win7 security alert will pop up, please allow Remote Control Server program through the firewall.)


How to use subtitles?

A: In the video files directly after clicking on the phone, and then click subtitle file.

Such as video file name: a.rmvb, external subtitle file name:, first click on a mobile phone video files a.rmvb, playing, and then click on the subtitle file can.


How to switch the player?

A: I need remote KMPlayer player, then in the "Settings" -> "Media Player Settings" -> "You are using player program", select "KMPlayer" can.


How to use the latest version of PotPlayer?

Available in two ways:

A: 1.Install the latest version of PotPlayer software to default path, for example "C:\Program Files\Daum\PotPlayer";

Or 2.replace the latest version of PotPlayer directory own related files to "c:\tvpcremote\ext\PotPlayer" .


You can download the latest verion of PotPlayer from :