Player Remote

Remote control from the mobile phone to open your own computer videos, music, pictures, and PPT and other multimedia files, you can also control the computer from the phone play fast forward, rewind, switch audio and video files.


1. PC  remote software download:!146




2. Mobile phone client App for android download:




1. On the computer, PC remote control software needs to be installed and run;

2. On your phone, remote mobile client App needs to be installed and run;

3. Make sure your computer and phone are connected to a WiFi network;

4. PC remote control software has been built PotPlayer player as default player. For other types of use, and remote video player, your own on the computer that you have installed the appropriate player program.

How do I need to switch the remote player on computer?

A: For example, I need to remote "KMPlayer", on your computer, then in the "Settings" -> "Media Player Settings" -> "You are using player program", select "KMPlayer" can.

Note: Make sure your computer has been installed KMPlayer program.